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Mexicos cleanest beaches found in Sinaloa

Unlike other tourist destinations, No epidemiological alert on beaches in southern Sinaloa

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The samplings carried out by Coepriss periodically, have determined that the Mazatlan beaches comply with the stipulations of the Official Mexican Standard.

Isla de la Pierda

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- At the moment, the beaches of southern Sinaloa, where the port of Mazatlan stands out for its tourist character, have not been worthy of an epidemiological alert; this after the results of the samplings that the Coepriss carries out periodically.


Miguel Ángel García Gómez, state coordinator for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, said that so far all the beaches of the port of Mazatlan, in relation to Holy Week, are ready for use, even so, they ask the general public to follow preserving them.

In terms of health, we ask citizens to report to us if they come to see any strange spot in the sea, so that we can immediately take the samples and determine if there is any risk or not, for the recreational use of the beaches, however I tell you that at the moment we are calm.

Miguel Ángel García Gómez.

Miguel Ángel García Gómez, state coordinator for Protection Against Sanitary Risks

He stressed that in addition to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which are issued regarding the consumption of food in good condition and in healthy conditions, it is necessary to listen and abide by the indications issued by authorities such as Municipal Public Safety and Civil Protection, with the order to live a Holy Week without incident.



The sampling of seawater is carried out permanently and strategically in the 22 beaches of the main tourist destinations of the entity, including the municipalities of the south zone: Mazatlán, Rosario and Escuinapa.

Since 2005 the results of this monitoring, with respect to the quality of seawater, have been satisfactory during the holiday periods, Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales, head of COEPRISS in the state, recently reported.

Malecon Mazatlan

So far, the samplings have stipulated that the beaches of Mazatlán are suitable for recreational use.

He commented that the water quality monitoring system is strictly maintained throughout the year in Sinaloa, in accordance with the provisions of the official Mexican standards, conducting sampling to perform bacteriological and physicochemical analysis along with sanitary checks and promotion actions health to ensure the welfare of the population and tourists in holiday seasons such as Easter.









El Rosario



It is considered suitable for recreational use if enterococcal levels are between 0-200 NMP / 100 ml.

22 Beaches of Sinaloa are permanently verified by COEPRISS.

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