What to do if the ATM did not give you your money in Mexico


File a complaint in the bank; if you are not satisfied with the answer, go to the offices of the Condusef

If you went to any ATM of the different banking entities that exist in the country and did not receive the requested amount, do not worry, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) will tell you what to do before This situation to which we are all exposed.

According to figures from the agency, during the first quarter of 2017, slightly more than 2 million claims were received; of these, 109,665 were because the ATM did not deliver the requested amount to the users.

This amount increased 40% with respect to the same period last year, where only 78,530 claims were registered.

“It should be noted that the total amount claimed was 273 million pesos; of the matters concluded at the end of the period, the user was paid a total of 162 million pesos, that is, 64%, “Condusef said in a statement.

He also announced that the product that presented the most claims for this concept was the debit card, registering 101,217 complaints, for an amount of 250 million pesos and a percentage of payment of 67%; It is followed by the Credit Card with 7,321 complaints, a claimed amount of 21 million pesos and a payment percentage of 26 percent.

At the time, the president of the Condusef, Mario Di Costanzo, pointed out that BBVA Bancomer is the entity that holds the first place in this type of claims, concentrating 26,178 of these, followed by Citibanamex, with 21,930 and in third place Santander, with 15,651 complaints.

“It should be noted that 48% of the complaints are in these two banks (BBVA Bancomer and Citibanamex) and that these two financial entities account for 41% of the ATMs that exist in the country,” he added.

How to act

On the other hand, the president of the institution indicated that it is necessary for people to immediately report this event to their bank. In general, the entity must correct the amount that the cashier did not deliver to the user. He also recalled that this situation is part of the banking operations that affect the patrimony of the users.

“What do we call operational movements of the band? They are those that the institutions carry out in an automated and centralized manner, such as automatic or scheduled charges, direct debits for the payment of goods, services and credit, delivery of cash at ATMs, fees, fees or taxes “, He identified the president.

La Condusef explained that at the time of reporting it is necessary to have on hand the teller number and institution responsible for the ATM.

At the time of submitting your complaint, they will provide you with a folio that will tell you how long you should wait for the refund to be reflected in your account, once the investigation is concluded, in some cases, the Commission indicates, there may be five business days.

If you receive a refusal from the bank, go to the offices of the Condusef. In them you can raise the claim, there will be an electronic management to which the bank must respond and, if the user agrees with the response, a reconciliation is carried out.

The agency explained that it is very important that people keep their receipts, since with these they can verify the operations that appear on their account statement and detect any type of anomaly on time.

He also suggested avoiding ATMs located in dark and uncrowded places, especially at night.

At the end of 2016, 47,945 ATMs installed by banks were counted throughout the country, with an average growth rate of 4.9% in the last seven years and a financial inclusion of 5.4 ATMs for every 10,000 adults.

What if I receive a fake bill?

Another situation to which we are all exposed is that the cashier grants a false bill; before this, the agency indicated that it is necessary to go to any branch of the same institution before five business days and submit a claim, since their money can be refunded.

“The institution must provide you with a claim form in which you will write down your name and address, place, date and manner in which the piece was delivered, as well as its characteristics and number, to the format you must add a copy of your identification; The bank will retain the piece and will issue a receipt, then send the pieces to the Bank of Mexico for its opinion. If the information provided and the result of the verification made allow us to presume that the piece or pieces in question were delivered at an ATM of the institution, the amount of the tickets presented will be given, but if it is considered that it is not applicable , must inform you in writing of the reasons. Remember, if you do not agree with the result, go to the Condusef, “explains the entity.

Source: el economista

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