Mazatlan: Three officials fired in less than a week


Mazatlan Sinaloa. In less than a week, three municipal officials of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres were dismissed, as they apparently did not adapt to the changes required by the Fourth Transformation of Mexico. 

Mayor Químico Benítez on Saturday dismissed David Librado Díaz, administrative deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security and Víctor Sainz, director of Planning, the latter apparently for refusing to grant permits for investment in the port. 

While last Friday Antonio Aguilar Colado, legal director of the City Council was discharged.

“We have already seen that we are making changes in public security and the assistant administrative director left to have more changes because we need to make adjustments so that this goes better.” The people who came with this project were given the opportunity but I told them that the fourth transformation is serious and who does not want to participate in the fourth transformation we have to make adjustments and we will continue to make adjustments in six months we have in place and from here to the first day we will finish the adjustments we had planned of at least two more directors “.

The mayor said that they have been given the opportunity to perform a good job, but said they have not given the width.
Although he did not clarify who the other two would be, it is very likely that he is the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Ricardo Olivo Cruz, who has not given the width to reduce patrimonial crimes in the city.

Source: vivavoz

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