Coparmex Mazatlan launches campaign “#YO NO SOY COCHINO “IAM NOT A PIG”


Jorge García Félix said that the aim is to create awareness so that people can take away the waste that they discard on the beach since not enough trash containers are available for the more than 500 thousand tourists that are expected in this holiday period.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic, with the support of Coparmex partner companies, beach operator, and hotel associations, this Monday began the awareness campaign “#YO NO SOY COCHINO and I take my trash!”.

The president of Coparmex in Mazatlan, Jorge García Félix, pointed out that this campaign is in order to change the culture, since here it is about people taking the trash from the beach and not leaving it deposited in the containers, since These are insufficient for the more than 500 thousand people who arrive at the port in this holiday period of Holy Week.

“What we want is for you to go to the beach, take your bag of garbage from the beach, do not leave it there, do not leave it there, or put it in a boat that can not be supplied, the beach will be clean , the containers will not be overflowing, you will see around two hundred volunteers putting these ads walking on the beach. ”  

García Félix said that Coparmex is in search of sponsorships to grant people plastic bags so that both locals and tourists have no pretexts to take the waste.

In this cleaning campaign is estimated to collect around 700 tons of garbage per day, so Garcia Felix called the public so that when they leave the place they leave the clean area and so the beaches remain, without garbage and in good condition, without damaging the image the port.  

Source: linea directa

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