Mazatlan-Culiacán highway in poor condition


Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- There is not a section of the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway, which does not present at least a bump or pothole; assured drivers of public motor carriers.

The driver Gamaliel Barajas, Autotransportes Unidos de Sinaloa, said that since leaving Culiacán or Mazatlan, has to dodge the holes that present the asphalt toll road.

The conditions of deterioration in which the road is located, he says, contrasts with the tool fees that have to be paid in order to make use of this toll road.

In the house that is at the height of the community of Marbol, he mentioned, he has to pay 225 pesos, while in the point that is near the town of Costa Rica, they have to pay another 210 pesos to travel on this road.

Gamaliel Barajas, bus driver of Autotransportes Unidos de Sinaloa.

The road since you leave Mazatlan, is in poor condition through the two toll booths and up to reach Culiacan and vice versa. Driver Gamaliel Barajas.

For his part, Carlos Barrón, also a truck driver, says that it has not been of any use that the holes in the road are patched with shavings, because later they are again exposed.

The problem of bumps in the road, he said, is resented by the units, which are affected by mechanical damage, mainly in the suspensions and other auto parts.

In many cases and to avoid bump and potholes he said, they have to take the fast lane, because the low lane can hardly be circulated due to the affectation that the asphalt presents.

The driver said, the authorities in charge of the highway must do something about it, because so many potholes and bumps in the road can cause a car accident.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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