Mazatlan: Secretary of Public Safety, Tourist Safety Recommendations


* Avoid getting into the sea with excess alcohol

* Driving moderately on Malecón

The Secretary of Public Safety, Ricardo Olivo Cruz, made a call to the tourists who arrive during Holy Week to avoid getting into the water in a drunken state; to respect the signs of lifeguards, moderate speed on the boardwalk and not drink too much alcohol.

He said that along the beaches of Mazatlan, 40 portable sanitary toilets will have to be installed to prevent the tourist from doing any physiological need at sea to avoid damage to health. He said there will be security elements that can instruct tourists where the bathrooms, relief modules and other supports are.

Interviewed at the end of the start of the security operation for Holy Week, the lawyer Olivo Cruz also reiterated that there will be more than a thousand people from the different police and security bodies to be on the lookout for the thousands of tourists. He recalled that there are elements of the Armed Forces, Federal Police, Ministerial, Preventive, the Aquatic Rescue Squadron and the Civil Protection Coordination, among others.

On the suspension of the Operational Breathalyzer, the police said that we are in a port and people come to have fun and therefore the operation was withdrawn these days, but we will be vigilant about the excesses of alcohol

Source: Sel

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