Mazatlan: Snacks seafood El Barbas, the other flavor


* Specialists in seafood cravings 
* Tostibarbas the specialty of the house

Do you crave a fast, easy, simple and tasty seafood snacks ?, go with “El Barbas”, where you will find a variety of flavor. 
Alberto Zataráin, owner of the place, tells us that the ingredients he uses to make a seafood Tostito are sea ingredients, nothing containing sugar or flour. 
“When they ask for a Tostibarbón the ingredients are, octopus, raw shrimp, cooked and tuna, accompanied by special sauces,” he explained. 
Ask, take and be happy, is the emblem of seafood snacks “El Barbas”, and what the customer asks they prepare it to take away. 
They are located in Avenida Bicentenario and Las Torres, in fractionation Prados del Sol, Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

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