City wants to create Urban Police in Mazatlan and compete with private security


The professional security service in subdivisions and businesses could be replaced by ‘reinstated’ police that were written off for failing the control and confidence test.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- In Mazatlan, there are about 50 private security companies that offer their services to more than 300 stores, businesses, hotels, and subdivisions, which are cared for by approximately 1,200 items, which are subject to a rigorous selection process and tests of control and confidence, that few manage to pass.

Many of these companies have a policy of not hiring former police officers since when they received requests for these, many of them failed to pass the psychometric, graphological and polygraph examinations, and the few who did, in the anti-doping examination came out positive or already at work, some were involved in robberies.

Currently, some of these companies of private security have trouble contract services with local businesses, because they refuse to pay more professional salaries and prefer low – profile elements, they receive an average of 4 000 800 pesos monthly income.

Hence, the proposal to create an Urban Police with former “reinstated” preventive policeby the municipal government in turn, as recently declared City Council Secretary Jose de Jesus Flores Segura, could ruin the professional security service private in subdivisions and local companies.

They want to create Urban Police in Mazatlan and compete with private security

It was in 2010, during the municipal government of Jorge Abel López Sánchez, when the public security elements were moved and concentrated in the city of Culiacán to apply the control and confidence test, two years later they received notification of more than 100 preventive agents from Mazatlan who would be discharged for not passing said exam.

Five years later, in 2017, it was known nationally that Sinaloa was in third place in the list of entities, since their police did not pass the tests of control and confidence.

Only 60% of the elements of the municipal and state police approved, the rest met the polygraph examination, antidoping and socioeconomic study, which includes material goods that did not go according to the salary received.


It was not until July 2018 that the control and confidence tests were “regionalized” and 90% of the agents were able to approve them.

“Without breaking the rules and guidelines established by the National Public Security System, in Sinaloa, the control and confidence test was regionalized and modernized, so that agents can pass them without so many problems,” said Renato Ocampo Alcántar, secretary at the time. executive of the State Public Security System.

With this modernization and regionalization of the exams, now 90% of the assets pass the test, while 70% of the cadets that aspire to be security elements approve it; this is how in 2018 502 cadets graduated from the State Institute of Criminal Sciences; by March of this year they added 171 more, out of a total of 800 cadets that are expected to be achieved in 2019.

Gallery: Mazatlan competes in urban police against private security

Recently, the secretary of the Mazatlan City Council informed the media that the municipal government plans to create the Urban Police, as a new reaction group for colonies and neighborhoods.

He said that this group could settle for preventive elements “reinstated” in the Ministry of Public Security, which would replace the private security companies that charge for their surveillance services in dozens of neighborhoods and subdivisions, some under no regulation.


José Luis “N” is a security technician, he has been working for 19 years in a private security company that operates nationally with more than 10 thousand elements, he is currently the recruitment coordinator here in Mazatlan, his company is one of those that only hires former military.

Before venturing into private security, José Luis spent six years in the Navy, he says that the selection process in these companies is rigorous and many do not approve it.

All applicants, without exception, are subjected to psychometric, graphological and polygraph tests, to know if they have been in organized crime, they or a relative, if they have been in criminal acts, if they have violated, if they have been detained or if they have a criminal record, if they use drugs, alcohol, if they have sued or have been sued ever, in interviews that last several hours, including the anti-doping test.

“They are well researched on the job and personally, even in the neighborhood. They need to have all the complete documentation, and if they do not comply with something, they can not enter, “he said.

He said that in the case of his empresam, ex-policemen are not admitted, because they have had bitter experiences; The requirements range from age, only people between 20 and 50 years, to presentation characteristics such as being individuals without visible tattoos.

“We do not accept that police enter, only ex-soldiers with their loss, since there was a time that they were hired and at the time of applying the antidoping they were positive many of them, others were surprised with robberies, instead of them they would take care of them, they had to be taken care of, the confidence test was applied to them and a high average failed them; I clarify, not all, but a very high average, that is why it was decided not to accept more former police officers, “he said.

He says that several companies of this type are struggling to offer their services to new companies, because the businesses do not want to pay decent and professional salaries, they prefer low profile elements that are paid between 3,600 to 6,000 pesos a month, or an average of 4 thousand 800 pesos.

In his company, which asked not to quote for retaliation, agents earn according to the degrees they hold, the lowest income is 5 thousand 600 pesos per month, but there are 6 thousand 400, 7 thousand 600, 9 thousand, 10 thousand and 11 thousand pesos monthly.

In addition to the salary, these companies offer legal benefits such as Infonavit, Social Security, bonuses, utilities, paid training, seniority bonuses, free uniforms, growth according to performance and skills, among others.

“We are in the entire Mexican Republic, and here in Mazatlan it is difficult to establish because companies pay little, do not want to invest in their businesses, so they accept low profile elements,” he said.

José Luis reported that according to a field study conducted recently by his company, private security offers service to more than 300 locations, businesses, hotels and subdivisions of Mazatlan, but does not serve any colony, except (but a) some 20 subdivisions.

Of these, except El Cid which has around 60 internal security elements, the rest varies between 12, 2 and one element per night.

“Private security operates only in subdivisions, in the colonies there are no elements of private security, there are only rondines of the municipal police.”

Among the companies operating in Mazatlan include Intercom, Ayax, Protection and Alarms of the Pacific, Grupo Paprisa, Serviseg, GSI and Seprose, of these which have more subdivisions in their charge are Ajax, Paprisa and Seprose, others will have 5% of the market.

Of the 50 companies that work in Mazatlan in this area, around 20 are large, the most important are foreign, which have more than 10 thousand items throughout the country, each.

José Luis believes that the creation of the Urban Police, would really affect the professional service offered by these companies, as businesses and locals increasingly seek to reduce costs, and would prefer a low profile, and save money.

DATA: COVERAGE IN SERVICE 50 private security companies offer their services in Mazatlan.

300 LOCALS, businesses, hotels and subdivision are served by private security companies.

20 FRACTIONS are taken care of by private security companies.

1,200 ELEMENTS of private security work in the port.



There are private security companies that have salaries of 5,600 pesos up to 11,000 pesos, depending on the degree.





Profit sharing

Paid trainings

Senior bonds

Free uniforms

Growth according to performance and aptitudes

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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