Sinaloa: Governor delivery road El Paredón Colorado- Presa El Salto


El Paredón Colorado, Elota, Sinaloa; April 9, 2019.-  Continuing with the intense road improvement program in urban and rural areas of Sinaloa, Governor Quirino Ordaz delivered the road work that connects the community of El Paredón Colorado with El Salto Dam, which will come to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the unions of Ensenada, Elota and El Paredón, promoting the economic and tourist development of this region. 
Vialidad that began its construction in 2005, and that is until today that the governor culminates his layout, turning into reality the longing of the Elotenses.

It was on the roof of this community (a promise fulfilled more than the governor), where sheltered by the heat of inhabitants of El Paredón Colorado, Quirino Ordaz said that works like this are of great social meaning, because it brings benefits that are reflected in the economy and well-being of Elotan families and their visitors.

True to his custom, microphone in hand and seeing people in the face, the governor picked up the requests of people who requested improvements in educational technology, fisheries and agricultural infrastructure, among others. In response, the governor promised to send the Secretaries of Education, Innovation, Fisheries and Agriculture to this region to visit this place to carry out a timely study of the needs of these communities. 

In this framework Quirino Ordaz announced that, in partnership with the municipal government led by Geovani Escobar, will join efforts to pave the main streets of El Paredón Colorado and Loma de Tecuyo, with their respective drainage systems, as this will help improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

When making use of the voice, the municipal president of Elota, Geovani Escobar Manjarrez thanked the governor for the support provided to complete this road to the curtain of the El Salto dam, which began in its first stage in 2005 with an initial stretch of 2 kilometers, and that with the passage of time was advancing little by little. “This project will greatly benefit the commercial fishermen of the El Salto dam, in addition to boosting tourism with sport fishing,” he said. 

José Refugio Ávila Muro, director of the SCT Center in Sinaloa, gave the technical explanation of this work, which includes a section of 5 kilometers of asphalt where 17.5 million pesos were invested.

On the other hand, Arturo García Loya high school student, Yamira Rodríguez Bernal, on behalf of the student community of this union, thanked the governor for making this work a reality, as well as recognizing that they are projects carried out with intelligence, thinking about well-being from the people.

Also attending this event, Nelson Castro Chong, president of the cooperative society El Paredón Colorado; as well as councilors and council members of the H. Ayuntamiento de Elota. 
Quirino supervises paving works in La Cruz de Elota
The municipal seat of Elota received the visit of Quirino Ordaz Coppel to head the inspection of the advances of paving in the streets of the municipality. 

The governor arrived at Calle Poniente 18 in the Miramar neighborhood, accompanied by the municipal president of Elota, Ángel Geovani Escobar Manjarrez, to greet the inhabitants of said colony, he also confirmed the investment of 125 million for these works to be carried out.

“It really requires the impulse of the State to make an aggressive program and go beyond the ordinary, as you can see, it is pure hydraulic concrete and as it is not asphalt it gives an added value because it will last 25 to 30 years”, commented the state agent. 
For his part, Angel Geovani Escobar Manjarrez, said it is important that the pavement and not only in the Miramar colony also come in the syndicates and in the communities, since other colonies of the municipal seat have also been observed, such as Lomalinda. 

In turn, the Director of ICATSIN, Araceli González Gaxiola, thanked the governor’s efforts to achieve a significant change in La Cruz and affirmed that people can now travel in a safer place thanks to the implementation of LED lighting.

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