Mexico to purge nonworking teachers from payroll


Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Saturday that his government will conduct a census to determine which teachers are working and purge the rest from the payroll.

Speaking in Mexico’s western state of Michoacan, the president gestured with a thumb to indicate that any “freeloader” found on the payroll will be tossed.

López Obrador plans to federalise education rather than allocate school funds to states. He said some governors spend federal money earmarked for education on other things and then ask for more money.

“We are going to bring order,” he said

A similar accounting of children looked after by state-funded day care centres this year found the centres were caring for only two-thirds of the 300 000 children they claimed, but still charging for that care, Lopez Obrador said.

A federal audit of education spending in 2017 found 141 265 phantom positions, such as teachers who were no longer teaching.

The audit also showed 1.39 billion pesos ($77m) in irregular payments from education funding, such as unusually high salaries and payments to non-teaching union personnel.

The states of Michoacan and Oaxaca had the highest number of unexplainable payments.

Michoacan suffered paralysing rail blockades in January by striking teachers demanding back pay from the state government.

The crowd on Saturday booed Michoacan Governor Silvano Aureoles, who appeared alongside López Obrador.

Source: AP

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