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Mazatlan new video surveillance cameras ready for installation

The new surveillance cameras are now available to replace those that have been vandalized, informed the executive secretary of the State System of Public Safety, Renato Ocampo Alcántar.

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He reported that with the insurance policy they were purchased again by the supplier company and they have enough equipment to replace the destroyed cameras.

He explained that they have been working on the placement of protective spiders on the poles so that when they are replenished, they have a greater certainty that they would not lay them down so easily.

“We must not forget that criminals have 24 hours thinking about how to break the law and we will have to be innovative, effective and effective enough to be able to move forward,” he said.


The official said that the criminals first baled them, then changed the way they operated and climbed and pulled them up and then began to blow the metal posts to knock them down and prevent the equipment from being replaced.

He commented that as authorities have to be innovating and look for ways to prevent them from being destroyed, so they are thinking of reinforcing the posts with a cement lining.

He added that the last destroyed video cameras were in tourist areas of Mazatlan prior to Easter 2019.

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