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CAPTA warns tourist to take precautions before buying a vacation package or online rental to Mazatlan

Tourists must verify that reservations made via the Internet are for real accommodation centers

Eduardo Sainz, Operational Coordinator of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center CAPTA, said that tourists who engage in online hosting services should correctly verify the pages where they make their contracts as they run the risk of being fraudulent or pirated.

He said that in previous months have detected such problems, because tourists go to CAPTA to notify them of such situations.

Eduardo Sainz made available to tourists the cell number 6691184256 to answer any questions.

Mazatlan tourists have been victims of scams on rental vacations

CAPTA, the Tourist protection organization, has detected cyber scams to tourists and to prevent this, is encouraging visitors to book their trips through certified suppliers.

The scam victims are Mexicans, Americans and Canadians because they are used to paying in advance for rental condos. They get these places mainly through social media.

“There are some cases that the scammers advertise in Facebook or Instagram using fake properties,” .

Any of these fraudulent rentals must be reported to the Tourista Ministerio Publico and they will follow up until the resolution of the case.

“We are going to have meetings with advisors to have all the elements needed to regulate properly the vacation rental business”, said the CAPTA Director


To verify rental or vacation package offered call if dialing from USA or Canada dial 011521 first then 669-118-4256 for any questions

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