Alert: Civil Protection warns of dangerous beaches in Sinaloa


In the entity will be monitored 177 recreation centers between sea, river, parks and the area of ​​the mountains, where the largest number of families is concentrated, said Francisco Vega.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The State Civil Protection Institute has already prepared the operative plan that will be applied during the Easter holidays in Sinaloa, with the participation of more than 2 thousand 500 elements that make up the rescue and rescue bodies, informed the owner of the dependency, Francisco Vega Meza.

In the state, 177 recreation centers will be monitored between the sea, the river, parks and the zone of the mountains, where the greatest number of families is concentrated, he explained.

The beach of Las Glorias, in Guasave, is one of the most dangerous when there are strong waves

He admitted that in Sinaloa there are several high-risk recreational destinations for families; among them, the Culiacán River with the presence of alligators in the town of El Limoncito in the municipality of Navolato, the spas of the Glorias, Ponce, bars of Piaxtla, among others.    

The official took the opportunity to call the population on the behavior they should have in these days of rest.

“The beaches and the rivers where people are going to be having fun, here the call to the people is that they have fun as a family and with all the necessary care”.


The state official revealed that during Holy Week estimated an influx of more than one million 700 thousand people to the tourist centers, in relation to the statistics of other years, first the beaches of Mazatlan, Navolato, Guasave, Ahome, Elota , San Ignacio, likewise El Fuerte and Culiacán for their religious and ceremonial events of such an important date.

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