What did Profeco find in the study of milk in Mexico?


The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office ( Profeco)) will conduct a review of products that in some packages claim to be milk, which should not have that description, the agency said that it will be until May when the final results are released , by the collection of data.

“In general yes (they went well), although we found some products, I could not specify them at the moment, because it is not concluded and legally it would generate an inconvenient situation for the Profeco until it is concluded; but there are drinks in which it is practically ten times the normal price, to drink water, ” the head of the organization, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, said in an interview with MILENIO.

He indicated that a topic that was found is that some brands that claim to be walnut water, does not contain the appropriate percentage ; “Basically you buy an almond drink, you buy it in the milk section in the supermarket, it’s packaged like milk and when you consume it, you’re telling yourself, because of this distortion in the market that you’re drinking almond milk , and not an almond drink and you’re actually drinking water with less than 3 percent almond.

” He added: “then as a consumer take a bottle of drinking water and eat three almonds, and it will cost you infinitely less, it is the kind of situations we are finding, but the study is not finished and it will not be finished until May. There are times marked by the law and we are discovering situations that oblige us to complement the information so that the study is truly conclusive, definitive.

Some of the presentations that are being analyzed are: Silk liquid coconut food, Kahlua Coconut Milk , Lala Soy Vita coconut, Silk Almond almond flavor, Ades liquid soy food, among others.

The general director of Social Communication of Profeco, Jesús Montaño Barragán, explained that 22 vegetable drinks have been analyzed, called liquid foods of coconut, rice, soy, almond, oatmeal and coconut with almonds.

“Of the most important findings, the products that were evaluated have an adequate sanitary quality and basically comply with the information that they must provide to the consumer”.

“The point is how food is perceived in the consumer, because the consumer is perceiving it as a substitute for milk in many cases, but it is not really a substitute for milk, but there is not mistaken information of the supplier but a habit of how it’s being consumed by people, “he said.

In this regard, he stressed that the products that were reviewed do not say coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, “the label is correct, it says liquid food, none is presented as milk of these 22 that was reviewed.

Source: milenio

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