Mazatlan Malecon to host Semana Santa Celebrations


The Malecón de Mazatlán will not become a “giant canteen” and, for three days, it will be a family outing for the locals and the thousands of tourists who come to the city and port for the days of Holy Week, announced this tomorrow the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who said that from Thursday to Saturday will be closed Avenida del Mar to leave pedestrian and that people enjoy musical events from the Monument to the Fisherman Valentinos.

Neither will it be “bandódromo” nor will there be extra permissions for beer sales in that area.

The mayor explained that the Malecón during the days Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be free to circulate throughout the day, but that from six in the afternoon it will be closed from the “Bichis Monkeys” to the Valentinos roundabout and until the 11 at night so that people who go to the coastal walk can enjoy bands and bands that will perform on Avenida del Mar.

With slides, Mayor Benítez Torres explained that they will place four large pavilions along the Malecón: one at the confluence of the coastal promenade and Insurgentes Avenue, another on Los Deportes Avenue and the Malecón, the third on Lola Beltrán Avenue and the fourth in front of the Fish Monument.

Benitez Torres said that to give a plus to the visitors and that they have never attended a carnival, on Saturday afternoon there will be a “mini carnival” with 8 of the brightest cars that paraded in the past parties and that will begin at the Monument to the Fisherman to Rafael Buelna Avenue, in front of Valentinos.

He said that when the “mini carnival” ended, people and visitors could attend a great artistic and musical event on La Bahía Avenue, there in front of what was the Laguna del Camarón. This festival will end at 11 o’clock at night and take care of noise and noise pollution to the residents of the area and guests in hotels.

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