Mazatlan: Two pedestrian lanes are planned and the other dual vehicle circulation lanes, in Holy Week


The street closure that will be applied at the Malecon, will be the lanes closest to the ocean for circulation of pedestrian and the other for vehicle double circulation, with the disapproval of the Association of Three Islands Hotels.

But also with a warning from the Chamber of Commerce that circulation will be affected, although finally did not oppose that implementation. 
According to reports from partners of the intercamaral, during a meeting held yesterday, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez informed them of what they had decided; in the hotel zone without road alterations.

However, on Avenida del Mar it is something else. The lanes closest to the wall will be pedestrian and the other two of double circulation, or one lane towards the south and another towards the north, between valentinos and the fisherman monument. 
It was said that José Ramón Manguar Sánchez, President of the Association of Three Islands Hotels, was against any road changes.

Between what the municipality plans and to keep control by the agglomeration of people, is to install four stages in different points, with musical groups, on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday Bahia Avenue, which is alternate to the Malecon, would be severely affected with closing for a concert. But the latter is still in a discussion because there is also opposition because it could be done in another area.

Source: rasnoticias

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