Human Rights, El Chapo and Escape


So how come America can keep El Chapo locked up and why not México? After all, El Chapo escaped Mexican prisons twice, and America seems to be able to keep him locked up. It comes down to the simple truth that American criminal and jail standards, for all its talk about fairness and presumption of innocence, cleverly ignores the Constitution and the law when needed.

The only reason El Chapo is still locked up in America is because the American government decided to violate his human rights and its own Constitution.

I am not advocating whether this is right, wrong, or in between, I am just pointing out the facts for discussion.

From the moment El Chapo was extradited to America, his human rights were severely violated by American authorities. Chapo was kept in isolation, his communications were severely restricted and his contact with others, including his attorneys were heavily scrutinized and restricted. All this, while El Chapo was “presumed innocent”. His wife wasn’t allowed to visit him while he awaited trial.

The obvious answer most readers will offer is that El Chapo paid his way out of jail through bribes. That is true. However, the trial demonstrated the enormous amounts of bribe money that El Chapo and his cartel spent monthly, at least $1 million to keep officials on its payroll.

The court case also demonstrated that El Chapo was willing to pay $10 million in bribe money, in addition to a $1 million finders fee to a Mexican Army general, who declined the bribe.

The amounts of money would make even American officials bow to bribery.

Although corruption is part of the equation, the underlining reason that El Chapo remains in an American jail, is simply because the U.S. government has not given him the opportunity to plan an escape.

The trial clearly showed that the conduit for El Chapo’s second escape from a Mexican jail was his wife. Not only did her brother transport Chapo to a safe place after the escape, but she actively was the conduit between Chapo and his underlings building the escape tunnel and paying off the bribes.

By keeping Chapo’s buttoned up, his money could not filter out to bribe the necessary officials.

Obviously, it has been effective.

But when Mexican officials abruptly moved El Chapo from the Mexico City jail to the Cd. Juárez jail, his underlings and wife went crying to the human rights organizations about the mistreatment of El Chapo. Because the United States routinely uses human rights issues as a diplomacy trigger point, countries like México are sensitive to criticisms of human rights violations.

El Chapo’s wife and his American attorneys also complained to the American media about Chapo’s treatment in the American jail, but for the most part, the American news media wasn’t interested in making it a headline news item. Thus, it went largely unnoticed.

The trial revealed that El Chapo, through his wife, was already planning to escape jail before he was extradited to America. Plans for another tunnel were in the works and according to court testimony, El Chapo paid $2 million in bribe money to get himself transferred back to the Mexico City jail so that he could escape again. The plan was thwarted when he was extradited to America.

Nonetheless, although bribery is part of the equation to his escapes, it is important to note that the willingness to violate human rights, the law and the Constitution is a large reason why El Chapo remains in an America jail. México, for its part, also violates human rights for judicial expediency but political sensitivity makes the instances seldom.

It is likely that El Chapo’s Mexican rights were violated via his abrupt extradition to America.

If so, it is another reason why El Chapo remains in prison today.

Sometimes, it is important to note that the good of the many, outweighs the needs of the legal frameworks. (borrowed from Star Trek)

El Chapo deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life. But it is important to know why that is possible.

Source: EPN.XYZ

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