Cuban vaccine against lung cancer available in Mexico


After 25 years of study and clinical trials it has been demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine against lung cancer the Molecular Immunology Center of Cuba developed

In order to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from lung cancer (one of the most common and deadly cancers), after 25 years of research, Cuba finally came up with a vaccine against lung cancer, through which is sought to combat this ill-fated disease.

The name of this vaccine is CIMAvax, and it was developed by the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM), which in addition to producing it, commercializes it; CIMAvax is a vaccine that is administered intramuscularly and is aimed at patients who have the disease in a fairly advanced state.

The objective of its application is to reduce the growth of malignant cells in the body; directing its action, not to the cancer cells as such, but to the patient’s immune system, so that it hinders the development of the tumor and impedes its progress.

Taking this into account, we can affirm that CIMAvax is not a preventive method for cancer, since it is not capable of eliminating the tumor, but only limits its development.

The vaccine could be considered rather an alternative treatment for terminal patients, who have exhausted other therapeutic tools; emerging as an alternative that allows to improve their life expectancy of patients for up to 5 years; In this way it has been corroborated by the expert Kaleb León, from the CIM.

In Cuba, there have already been 5000 patients who have undergone treatment with CIMAvax, yielding favorable results by increasing the life time that had been predicted, in addition to reflecting low levels of toxicity and side effects; and in the face of these positive results, it has been available since 2008.

Starting in 2016, in order to continue promoting and enhancing this treatment alternative, experts and scholars from Cuba have joined with US scientists to continue testing to verify the effectiveness and safety of CIMAvax.

One of the clinical trials that was carried out was that of the Department of Immunology of Roswell Park, yielding results that affirm that in addition to being effective and safe, the side effects that it generates are even less than that of other therapeutic alternatives.

“The data show that life has been prolonged, especially in patients younger than 60 years, with an average survival of 18.53 months in the vaccinated compared to 7.55 months for the non-vaccinated”, were the words of the director from the Department of Immunology, Kelvin Lee.

Taking into account the safety and effectiveness that CIMAvax has shown throughout these years of study, it is currently being sold to more than 20 countries, including Mexico, Paraguay, Colombia and Argentina.

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