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Mexico falls to the 7th place in the Tourism Ranking and could fall more

The Tourism Secretary, Miguel Torruco Marqués acknowledged that Mexico went from sixth to seventh place in the world ranking of tourism before the recovery of Turkey and the numbers of other strong markets are still expected “… so it could fall even more”, he said. visit in Cancun to coordinate the State Forum of Citizen Consultation for the elaboration of the National Development Plan. 

“Mexico is in sixth place, with 41.7 million tourists, but once Turkey has recovered, it will be reported that Mexico is now in seventh place; Germany and England are missing. This sixth place was due to the great effort made by the authorities, but it is important to point out that there was a change in the methodology of the World Bank, which allowed Mexico to grow by 40% and to surpass the other countries, “he explained.

He reiterated what he has said since the beginning of the current federal administration that the most important point in the sector is the capture of foreign currency and in this area Mexico occupies the position number 15. 

According to his data: “… per capita expenditure, we went from place 36 to number 40, where the country is with 490 dollars of spending per person, although Los Cabos and Cancun have figures above the average; it should be measured based on the captured currencies, “he explained. 

He informed that in the country there are 22 thousand hotels, with an offer of 800 thousand rooms, which allows him to occupy the eighth place in the world of tourism infrastructure; but this year it is projected to grow by 23,000 more keys.

Tourism contributes 8.8% of the national GDP, above sectors such as construction, financial services, transport equipment and mining; generates 4.2 direct and 6 indirect jobs; in addition to 11 billion dollars in foreign currency. 

The origin of the tourism that visits us comes from the United States and Canada, with a 67.6% participation; from Central America, the Caribbean and South America, up 15.4%; from Europe 12% of visitors arrive and of Asia only 3.6%.

Of the 41 million 447 thousand tourists registered at the end of 2018, 88% were received by five cities: Cancun, Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. The other 6 million 217 thousand visitors are distributed among the other 129 tourist places; this means a distribution to a ratio of 48 thousand 200 tourists per year to each of them. 

Given this panorama, the proposal is to encourage domestic tourism, a reality that leads to the configuration of a new government whose objective, strategies and lines of action will be established in the National Development Plan,

“We must remember that 13 billion pesos were invested in the government of Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) in tourism promotion; and in the previous one, 24 thousand 37 thousand million pesos, which managed to place us in the 15th position of tourist attraction and 40 in the per capita expenditure “.

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