I do not see or hear of the director of Culture and I do not know where he is: Mazatlan Mayor, Benítez Torres


The departure of around 40 workers from the Institute of Culture is about to take place; Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres says that he evaluates all the directors and more may leave if they do not stand out in their work.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The departure of 20 to 40 workers from Culture is about to take place, said municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez.

Regular job

Regarding if the director of Cultur, Óscar Blancarte, leaves, the response of the mayor was: “I do not see him or hear from him and I do not know where it is”.

So, why do you keep him in his position?

“Well, I measure the work by results,” he replied. He added that the official gave him regular results during the carnival. “I would give him a grade of 8, just as he qualified the party.”  

There are other areas, where you can see that the agency directors are not giving results. But he says he can not change them until he finds who can do a better job. The mayor said more dismissals would be coming throughout other municipal agencies, but he refused to give names.

He answers

He added that he is a professional and institutional man and reiterated that more workers could enter regardless of the party they belonged to. The municipality has never denied the possibility of further changes in its cabinet of collaborators. 

He said that all officials are in a permanent evaluation of their results and the attention they give to citizens directly.

Source: El Debate

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