Did the Mayan civilization meet and have contacts with aliens?


Has there really been evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial creatures on Earth in Latin America? Or simply, in this part of the world, is there someone who is inventing and skillfully falsifying extraordinary findings to sell as real to experts and enthusiasts? Legitimate questions, after the discovery a few months ago of those absolutely anomalous mummies in Peru and in the light of the strange rock sculptures found last spring in Mexico and renamed as “the stones of the first encounter”.

Did the Mayan civilization meet and have contacts with aliens? It sounds like science fiction, but that’s what some experts believe can be deduced from a series of prints recently found in Mexico.

They go back, in fact, to the time of the Mayans. In some jade stones, there are engraved beings with humanoid features, with large heads, big eyes and three fingers on the hands and feet, true extraterrestrials as we imagined them in our time.

As if that were not enough, in some images we see people in contact with these humanoids, which could mean that the Mayan population had contact with the supposed extraterrestrials.

Even in an image it would seem to see a ship with an extraterrestrial inside, and the anchor on the ground.

The inscriptions and images, in petroglyphs technical terms, are very old, although they appear in good condition. Therefore, it is not said that what is interpreted now is real, and that the Mayans really wanted to indicate the extraterrestrials. The stylization of the same, it is true, seems similar to the way they are represented today, but it is worth observing how in art and representations, crude but very useful in historical terms, of past centuries perhaps not we know everything yet. The meanings, therefore, could be multiple and have nothing to do with a meeting of aliens.

In fact, the question would be: what happened to them? If they really existed and knew the Mayans on Earth, how come they never came to our planet?

The caves are located on the border between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla. According to local legends – they tell the story of the sites in Spanish – between these gorges, which are accessed after an arduous walk among the bushes, an extraterrestrial spaceship would be stranded or stranded. Intrigued by these rumors, some Mexican treasure hunters belonging to the JAC Detector and Master Detector groups have set out in search of the mythical place. And by chance they met, they say, with the discovery that history could change.

When they were about to surrender, disappointed that they had not found anything interesting, one of them fell into a stream. While others helped him, they found a stone in the mud decorated with images of spaceships and creatures from other worlds. From there, they returned to the caves covered with amazing engravings. One in particular would show the encounter between an extraterrestrial with the classic appearance of “Gray” (big head and long eyes) and a prehispanic ruler of culture (Mayan or Aztec) in the act of exchanging-it appears-a corn plant.

For the researchers, this would be the unequivocal proof of the contact that took place, in ancient times, between an alien civilization that came to our planet and the people who lived in Mexico at that time. In one of the three caves, treasure hunters will also find metal that they believe is gold. Obviously, its discovery has not received the least consideration from the academic world, in fact, the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico has expressed itself in very skeptical terms.

José Aguayo, of the CCC Detector, was not surprised: these artifacts contradict everything we know about our history and our origins. “If the Institute decided one day to collect these artifacts, there would be enormous implications, because a government agency would accept, in essence, one of the most controversial facts, the existence of non-terrestrial creatures that directly influenced ancient cultures throughout the world. A video published by the researchers shows them inside a cave, while they clean the floor and mud a wall completely covered with drawings and other mysterious engravings.

In the video, we also interview Thierry Jamin, director of the Inkari Institute, who gave more information about the origin of these findings. To discover them in a place near Nazca -whose location remains a secret- was not only a man, but a collaborator of his (whose name is only Mario) who helped find many archaeological sites in Peru. According to his account, perhaps only 10% of the burial, full of bodies and objects, has been explored so far and would extend into long underground tunnels.

Meanwhile, let the reader judge, reporting some photos of the site and a video, in Spanish, of the exploration of the cave.

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