Traditional Mazatleco food dishes


The asado Mazatleco, is a dish with potatoes and meat cut in small pieces that are fried in oil.

This mixture of meat and potatoes is topped with vegetables and bathed with a tomato sauce, in some places it is accompanied with beans, if you drink bottle sauce it is richer and there are some people who put a little lemon on it. It is usually accompanied with a tonicol.

Where to eat in Mazatlan

If you want to eat asado you can do it in some restaurants such as Panama, Los Panchos or La Olla. But the most traditional and popular is to eat asado is in some cenaduria.

We will share some of the most popular dishes where you can also eat some other Mexican dishes such as toast, gorditas, enchiladas and even pozole.

Doña Juanita Cenaduria

Cenaduria Doña Juanita is located in the Olympic colony and you can find it in Antonio Hernandez street blocks # 1420 between the streets Acuario and Andres Soler. You can eat tostadas, gorditas and asado.

2. La Copita

Cenaduria la Copita is located in Belisario Domínguez # 2501 corner with Luis Zuñiga

It is located in a corner in a yellow house where you can dine in a traditional Mazatleco atmosphere. La Copita has been offering food since 1965. Here you can have Pozole, tostadas, asado among other Mexican appetizers. They are part of your menu and you can accompany your dinner or finish as a dessert scraping.

3. Chayito Cenaduria

Cenaduria Chayito  is located on Teniente Azueta Street # 2407 and has 2 other branches in Mazatlan They offer pozole, Tacos, tostadas and Menudo (Saturdays and Sundays) and they also offer breakfast.

Cenaduria Tachita

This cenaduria is located in Migue Hidalgo Street # 42o in the center next to the Coppel store of Aquiles Serdán. Here they serve Asado, tostadas, tacos and pozole.

Cenaduria El Tunnel on Plazuela Machado

Cenaduria is located just outside the Angela Peralta theater and has been serving its dishes to the Mazatlecos since 1930. It is a not very large place that is after passing a tunnel with some tables where you can consume snacks such as Pozole or Asado, accompanied by a tonicol or fresh water. Cenaduria el Tunel is located on Carnaval Street # 1207.

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