Secretary of Tourism says goodbye to private beaches in Mexico


The undersecretary of the agency said that work is being done on a public policy to free the beaches.

Simón Levy-Dabbah , undersecretary of Planning and Tourism Policy of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) assured that there will no longer be private beaches in Mexico.

We are working from the Sectur on a public policy of free beaches, open beaches, public beach accesses should be open, the privatization of public beaches will not be tolerated, the vexation to citizens will not be tolerated and Obviously to tourists, “he said.

The Undersecretary of Planning and Tourism Policy said that in this public policy the law will be applied so that all Mexicans and tourists can enjoy Mexican beaches.

Apply the law: it is not any right that citizens have, it is what the law sets and the law is not subject to negotiation, we are sure that businessmen will be participating, we have taken a gratifying surprise from businessmen because all are willing to collaborate with this vision, with this public policy of open beaches . You can not talk about public beaches because it’s a tautology, the beaches are public by law, “he said.

In a Twitter account the official published an example of the fight against the privatization of beaches in Mexico: the case of “La Boquita” in Manzanillo, Colima.

The planning of the first public beach park with the municipality and the State, and above all, with society and merchants, is already underway, “he wrote.

And it is common that some hotels at beachfront resorts in Mexico offer among their services an exclusive beach for their customers, restricting the passage to people who are not guests of the resort.

Closing Public Access of Mexican Beaches Ends.

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