Mazatlan historic center neighbors ask for more police vigilance


The darkness and low vigilance of security elements keep residents worried.

Mazatlan.- Inhabitants of downtown Mazatlan claim to feel insecure as they walk the streets without street lighting. Residents and merchants report that street surveillance is lacking.

Anger: Araceli Zataráin commented that at sundown, the neighborhood begins to be left alone, as merchants and office workers begin to retire to their homes.

She assured that it is not only the darkness that worries her, but the lack of vigilance. “When it’s office time, and more when tourists arrive from the boat, all day we see policemen in the streets, on motorcycles. by bicycle as well as walking, but afterwards, they leave us alone. So that’s when I ask, do we not occupy surveillance? And I answer yes, but it does not happen “said the neighbor.

She added that she has not yet been a victim of violence, neither at home nor in the streets, but she does not want this to be a victim for the authorities to initiate surveillance.

Finally, she sent a message to dog lovers, because they leave the excrement on the sidewalks when they take them for a walk. She expects the authorities to take action on the matter or that the owners of these pets become aware and collect their feces.


Rogelio, a young hairdresser in the sector, said that during the day there is surveillance, but that he and his neighbors agree to close as soon as it gets dark, because at that time is when a patrol arrives that watches about 30 minutes and then retires.

“Well, they have assaulted me on several occasions when closing my business, because it is at the time that more money is collected because the whole day is tallied.

What I do now is that I lock the door and if I see someone looking bad who does not have an appointment, I tell him that I have already closed and I deny him the service, because the authorities do not support us with vigilance, “he concluded.

Source: El Debate

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