Mazatlan will host the Pacific Tourism Real Estate Summit


Mazatlán, Sin.- On March 28 and 29, 2019, the real estate tourism summit of the Pacific “1st Real Estate Business Summit Mazatlan 2019” will take place in Mazatlan, where experts from the real estate market of Latin America will meet to discuss the trends of the sector , this was announced by the Ministry of Economy, Codesin, B2B Media, Sectur and AMPI.

This networking event is aimed at the actors of the tourism value chain to which those who are interested in settling in Mazatlan come to meet with the local people who are detecting business opportunities, and the third parties that are around (brand operators , financing and consulting), thus concentrating the actors of the hotel value chain and amenities at a higher level, which will benefit what is currently being developed in Mazatlan.

The Secretary of Economy of Sinaloa, Javier Lizárraga Mercado, said that what is attractive to investment is of interest. Mazatlan last year closed with 10 thousand 583 million pesos of private investment ranking first, which speaks of the strength and great effort of all, because tourism is consolidating in a very important way in Sinaloa. In 2017, 1% of GDP was achieved by tourism that went from 25 thousand 200 million pesos to more than 31 thousand 400 million pesos in 2017 and the official data will be expected to know if the next one was exceeded. Mazatlan represents more than 70% tourism in Sinaloa.

“Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel has asked us to keep betting very strongly on tourism in Sinaloa, and CODESIN sees it as a structural part of the agenda for competitiveness, and there is no doubt that the consolidation of tourism has to come very strong . The part of the real estate developments closed the year ancestor with 11% of all the GDP of real estate development and leasing in the State “. He stressed that the real estate and tourism sectors are a strong percentage of the entity.

“In the Ministry of Economy we are interested in the pocket of all Sinaloans and welfare, that there are more jobs and better remunerated, better and attractive investments, as well as better and more amenities in Mazatlan,” he concluded.

For his part Érico García, General Director of B2B Media, highlighted that Real Estate Business Summit Mazatlan is the best event to listen to the opinions of experts in the real estate industry, where there will be more than 20 experts from that sector who will share their ideas and opinions on developments and investments.

“We promote the country’s real estate business to all overseas, we have brought the event we do in 20 cities to promote the hotel tourism development of Mazatlan and the State, we have 19 years in the market doing promotion. We bring together the most important players in the real estate business, developers, investors and builders, and the entire real estate chain. “

For what he said also, that those interested in knowing better investment opportunities of the real estate industry and the real estate market in Mexico, United States and Latin America, will be able to attend this meeting and for more information, registration and / or purchase of tickets You can enter the page

Germán Rivera Carlón, Executive Director of the CIT Sinaloa; He noted that the guests will come to talk about what is needed to continue growing in the sector and numbers will be given in Latin America and Mexico in terms of tourism and valuable information from Mazatlan. There will be consulting firms, developers and specialist firms. “To continue generating more results in the topic of tourism investment than the hand of the Ministry of Economy is to attract more investment, Sectur promote more tourism and more flights; and Codesin is to take a long-term strategy in this case of tourism investment. “

In this press conference were also present, Sylvia Ruiz Coppel, Assistant Secretary of Promotion and Tourist Operation of Sinaloa; José Luis López Valle, General Director of Codesin; Luis Enrique Peraza, President of AMPI; Guillermo Romero Rodríguez and Araceli Tirado, Alternate President and director of the Regional Committee for Economic Promotion South Zone, respectively.

Source: noticias alta voz

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