Mazatlan ALERT: Unusual presence of Man of War” Jelly fish on its beaches”


MazatlanSinaloa .- Although it is not the season, there has been a presence of “MAN OF WAR also known a jelly fish” on the beaches of Mazatlan, acknowledged the commander of the Aquatic Salvage Squadron, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero.

Normally, he said, that type of sea species reaches the beaches of the municipality in May, after the warming of the water that is registered shortly before the summer.

Sometimes, in this cold season, one or the other comes out, but it is not very common, it is not often that they appear, usually it happens during the summer heat.

The head of lifeguards said, that bathers should be careful with jelly fish, since touching them can cause them an injury by the toxins they have in their body.

The few species that arrive at this time of year, he said, one or two can be found across the width of the beaches, but they do not stop affecting the bathers.

Along with these organisms, he mentioned, a kind of small, dark colored jellyfish, which is very harmful to the contact of the skin of the human being and that is found between the stones.

At the time that one of these two sea animals injures a person, he said, he must be transferred quickly to receive medical attention and avoid self-medication.

Magallanes Romero, said that every time there is a presence of burners on the beaches of the port, red and white flags are placed to alert of their presence.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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