Alert in Mexico for the sale of abortion pills on the internet


A federal agency alerted the Cyber ​​Police to take action against the site that operated without permission or certification.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks ( Cofepris ) asked the Cybernetic Police to cancel ”” , a website where abortifacients could be purchased at home.

The page, created with the aim that any resident in the country, except Mexico City , could buy the medication for the termination of pregnancy, did not have a professional license or permission to advertise and current specialty certificate .

For these reasons, Cofepris clarified that the website did  not comply with the provisions of the General Health Law , so it issued a health warning to prevent the commercialization of medicines, which require prescription and medical supervision.

The portal, which was already written off, asked to call a number in which the personal data of the interested party was registered . This was done through the company  Protección y Salud Farmacética S. de RL de CV

The portal has already been removed (Photo: Special)

After completing the application, a medical evaluation was carried out  by telephone , in which a kind of clinical file was generated. During the interrogation, the date of the last menstrual period and family history was requested .

After this small interview, the doctor decided whether or not to send the pills, which had a cost of 1,200 pesos (USD 62). The group of drugs that was sent was a mifepristone pill and four sublingual doses of misoprostol.

The company warned users that they were not responsible for side effects or reactions such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting or heavy bleeding, and added that in case of incomplete abortion or continued pregnancy, the patient would have to go to a hospital. hospital independently to complete the procedure.

The company had several irregularities, including that it did not have a professional license

These consent clauses were sent by email to the user for their consent. After that, the step was made and the shipment was made .

Patricio Sanhueza , coordinator of Reproductive Health of the local Secretariat, told the Mexican newspaper Milenio that abortion at home represents a risk since, by telephone, the quality of the medicines is unknown and there is no certainty of the protocol endorsed by the World Health Organization ( WHO), which includes the option of adopting and counseling contraceptives.

According to the newspaper, the virtual office phone is already out of service , so when calling a recording is heard indicating that the number does not exist.

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