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Gay marriage in Sinaloa is approved in commission

The initiative of equal marriage will be ruled to be discussed in the plenary session.

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – The initiatives that propose to legalize the equal marriage in Sinaloa  and to condemn up to fifty years the hate crimes for sexual orientation or identity, as well as the one that allows the change of name and identity before the Civil Registry, were approved in the Commission on Gender and Family Equity to start with its opinion.

This after having held a meeting with people included in the LGBTTTI community last Sunday, where the respect of their human rights and equal treatment was discussed, and where Jucopo’s president, Graciela Domínguez, promised that the rulings would be ready in the next ten days. 

With four votes in favor and none against, the legislators gave continuity to the legislative process of these initiatives presented by the ex-deputies Sandra Lara and Roberto Cruz, as well as by the activists of the Diversity Committee of Sinaloa, Tiago Ventura and Almendra Negrete. 

Still lack of will 

In response, Tiago Ventura said that for lack of political will and differences among legislators, initiatives for equal marriage remained in the freezer for more than five years; however, the Human Rights Commission and the Constitutional Points Commission still need to vote on their opinion. 

He said that the president, Angelica Diaz, already expressed her total openness to approve the initiatives, but Deputy President Horacio Lora has refused to support the cause:

” Well, we are waiting for the same opening of Deputy Lora and a meeting, we noticed his resistance and he said that the Church was opposing him. We emphasize to him that the position of the Church does not have to intervene, “he said. 

He explained that there are five initiatives related to equal marriage that since 2014 were presented before the Congress.

Source: El Debate

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