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Ahome Sinaloa: Policewoman punished for manifesting on Women’s Day

The policewoman appeared at the event to commemorate International Women’s Day and called for better working conditions for women.

The policewoman, an element of the Ahome Municipal Police, was punished with 36 hours of arrest due to the breach of her commitments in the Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Ahome on International Women’s Day.

Through an arrest warrant, Rosario Dignora Valdez López was informed that she had to present herself as an arrested person for the term of 36 hours, since she missed her scheduled services with an educational institution of the Topolobampo syndicate, because it had been assigned in advance by the Department of Preventive Programs to which the element of the municipality belongs to attend on that date.

It is worth mentioning that the municipal element was presented at the monument to the mother in celebration of International Women’s Day and took the microphone to protest and ask for improvements in working conditions for women.

Policewoman arrested for missing work on Women’s Day

The agent of the Ahome municipal police had demonstrated in a ceremony demanding better working conditions for the policewomen and did not attend her work on March 8

A lawyer promoted an injunction to protect the agent of the Ahome Municipal Police who during the International Women’s Day events called for better working conditions.

“They only remember us on this day and they call us to decorate the event. Enough !, we are not aides! “, The municipal police had expressed on March 8 during the ceremony to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Mother Monument of Los Mochis.

Rosario Dignora Valdez López, a member of the Ahome Municipal Police, was notified by an ex officio arrest ballot 129/2019 that she was asked to present herself as an arrested woman for 36 hours for having failed to comply with a work commission in an educational institution. in the Port of Topolobampo, sent by the Department of Preventive Programs of the corporation, in which she would participate as an instructor.

In the event held at the Monument to the mother, Valdez López took the microphone to talk about the conditions under which policewomen worked in the municipality and demanded work improvements for them.

In the document of amparo presented, the lawyer Víctor Conejo Aguirre is appointed as representative of the urgent trial in favor of Rosario Dignora Valdez López, claiming an attack on personal liberty, acts of incommunicado detention, ill-treatment, torture and any other violation of rights humans.

José Luis Polo Palafox, president of the Sinaloa Federation of Lawyers, emphasized the incorrectness of the actions of the municipal authorities who ordered the arrest of Valdez López.

Polo Palafox reiterated that the Sinaloa Federation of Lawyers seek to do justice in this and any other case where the individual rights, human rights and labor and legal rights of individuals are violated.

José Luis Polo Palafox, when he released the document that freed the municipal agent, indicated that Valdez López would be released from one moment to the next.

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