Mexico Business Opportunities at the International Franchise Fair


On the verge of its 30 years of existence, the International Franchise Fair is proof that Mexico continues to be “fertile ground” for international franchises that see opportunities in the country.

Since its arrival in Mexico, the franchise scheme has proven to be one of the most viable and safe options in terms of return on investment, passing through its history through different stages, which could be seen in a retrospective General chronological as follows:

1) The adoption of North American franchises (start).

2) The creation of national brands (consolidation).

3) The export of Mexican brands in other territories (internationalization).

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In this context, the International Franchise Fair has been for three decades the strategic meeting point of all those franchises that seek a reasoned and complete development, through synergies, financing and articulation of their proposals.

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At a press conference prior to the 2019 International Franchise Fair, to be held on March 7, 8 and 9 at the WTC International Convention and Exhibition Center in Mexico City, Ferenz Feher, CEO of the Feher & Feher consultancy, He said that franchises are more alive than ever, also highlighting the role of this model for more than 30 years, in which these have matured and have been strengthened thanks to the experience, vision of entrepreneurs and the will of investors for growing under an orderly and successful model.

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This has been proven at different critical moments in the country, as in the economic crisis in Mexico in 1997, or at various international complex moments, the franchises have managed to stay on track. Not only have they strengthened their structure, they have also developed new models available to a greater number of investors; thanks to the joint efforts of companies such as Play Business and Feher & Feher, a company that confirms that franchises are synonymous with constant innovation, with sufficient capacity to stay in the public eye, changing and redoubling joint efforts to offer customers and consumers , solutions to your needs, in this case, with collaborative investments or with the growth of franchises with social impact.

For his part, Jude García, general director of Comexposium Mexico and architect of the International Franchise Fair, anticipated that this year’s broadcast will be a complete range of opportunities in terms of commercial and service deals, in addition to corresponding to the own entrepreneur to do a “self-diagnosis” of what concept is best suited to their interests and needs, as well as life and investment plan.

Three decades away from the first edition of the Franchise Fair, the organizers of the event agreed that the topics that should activate the ideal modernization in their relationship with anyone interested in this business model are, among others:

– Collaborative franchises.

– Franchises with social impact.

– Innovation in systems and franchising processes.

– Development of multi-units in franchises.

– Attention to new consumer niches.

– Education to new franchisees.

– Various investment models (loans, collective funding, partnerships, etc.).

Also highlights in this issue number 42 of the International Franchise Fair, according to its organizers, AMF and Comexposium Mexico, the integration of new conferences with specialists in crowdfunding, intellectual property, economic outlook, digital marketing and social schemes, in addition to the inclusion of international pavilions from Peru, the United States, Spain, and nationals of Puebla, Durango and Querétaro, among others.

With the latest trends in models such as welfare, technology, extramural education, mobility, fashion and fun, the International Franchising Fair 2019 also announced the return and presence of iconic brands such as Hard Rock Café and Cinnabon. besides the presentation of books in franchises, such as the bestseller The Successful Franchise of Aicha Bascaro and A Redondo Business by Julio Beleki, among a host of other activities.

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