Confirmed There will be a Moto Week in Mazatlan


When two internal organizations of the Moto Club Mazatlan did not agree, the mayor of Buenos Aires Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres did not give permission to any of them to organize the great event of the legendary Moto Week, however the municipality called several groups and associations of motorcyclists to carry out this traditional holiday in Easter Week in 2019.

Mayor Benítez Torres himself had warned the organizations in legal litigation for the representativeness of the Moto Club Mazatlan to agree to carry out this great event that, otherwise, there would be no permits and it would be the City Council with the support of other groups of motorcyclists who will do these acts to which more than 15 thousand “riders” come in their “steel horses” and leave an economic impact of over 600 million pesos.

In the interview with Sinaloa Online he said that there was no conciliation at the Moto Club Mazatlan and we are “asking the motorcyclist organizations to help us because it is an event for them, not for the municipality; Help us to save this party after Easter. ”

It must be said that this Moto Week, after Holy Week, brings together motorcyclists from several countries of the American continent, including Canada and the United States, as well as Central America and practically all the states of the Republic. There are clubs that travel on two wheels from California and Texas to come to Mazatlan for this event.

There is a whole sporting, cultural, musical and recreational show, because there are tourist walks through the magical municipalities near Mazatlan. Dance tournaments and biker girls, among others that are the delight of many visitors. Motorcycle companies are well-known as the Indian and the Harley Davidson.

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