A Civil Protection Officer had cordon off section on the malecon; up to 500 pesos cost per chair for Mazatlan carnival parade


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A total of 3 thousand 500 chairs that were intended to be rented by private individuals were collected by the Municipality in the operation carried out on Sunday morning on the boardwalk, prior to the first parade of floats of Carnival, informed the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

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He revealed that this operation was undertaken after a series of complaints filed on social networks and whose purpose was that Mazatlecos, as well as tourists, were not displaced by the hoarders. 

He added that it could be verified that the fees reached up to 500 pesos for each seat located in the front row, even though it had been made clear that he would not allow himself to profit from the town.

The chemist commented that in the “sweep” that he carried out together with the staff of the Trade Subdirectorate, Public Security Secretariat, and the Tourist Care and Protection Center, the 15 spaces for 300 people that had been set aside by the Municipality. 

“We made a team, I called the directors who were involved (…) I wanted to go personally and in that job we collected 3 thousand 500 chairs that were going to be rented,” he added.

Benitez Torres said that to return the furniture confiscated to their owners, they will have to pay the corresponding fine, which he said, has understood that it is high. 

He recalled that the only ones who were authorized a space for the installation of more chairs not to rent was to the hoteliers, taking into account that many of the guests were not going to have space to contemplate the parade.

He added that the furniture with the State Civil Protection logo found in this operation were also confiscated

“It bothered me a lot at a personal level, not as a mayor, how is it possible for a public official to set up chairs for his friends, his compadres, his family, using the logo of the institution, it is shameful that there are still those who think that this is acceptable, “he said.

NOTE: The name of the Civil Protection official referred to in the press release is not given

Source: Ras noticias

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