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Mazatlan: Profeco installs modules at carnival to receive complaints

Miguel Murillo, delegate of the institution, announced that Profeco installs carnival modules to receive complaints.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The delegate of the Federal Consumer Attorney (Profeco), Miguel Angel Murillo, said that Profeco installs modules at carnival to receive complaints. He said that three modules are installed customer care throughout the carnival area and Golden Zone.

He explained that the modules will be in front of the Ramada hotel, in the golden zone; in the offices of external collaborators of Capta, in a joint space to the Secretariat of Tourism, on Del Mar Avenue, and at the entrance of Olas Altas. He said that the objective of Profeco workers will be to be closer to the public to provide better service and address any complaints about abuses by restaurants, hotels or businesses. 

More complaints

Regarding the complaints about the conditioning to rent rooms, said that only have identified signs made in social networks, which he regretted, since the Attorney General can not follow up on cases without a formal complaint. 

Big problem 

He explained that the biggest problem facing Profeco is that citizens are not going to it, since the image you have of this is corruption and “moches”, which prevents you from acting according to their powers. He added that currently, priority will be given to all persons who file a complaint and that it is desired to demonstrate that the Attorney General’s Office has changed its strategy and results will be given in favor of the citizenry.


The delegate ended with an appeal to the merchants not to abuse the high season, not increase prices and compete offering quality.

Source: El Debate

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