Mazatlan Parque Lineal, abandoned by the authorities


Almost three years after the Parque Lineal was inaugurated, its abandoned by the authorities and suffers graffiti, damage to its structure and carelessness.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Almost three years after being inaugurated by the municipal administration’s predecessor, Parque Lineal, abandoned by the authorities, suffers from abuses by the people and abandonment of the corresponding authorities. From its beginning in Manuel Clouthier Avenue, it is possible to observe graffiti in places such as the modules of the Sinaloan Institute for Adult Education and the Red Cross.

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The BBQ grills for families to cook ” carne asada” are totally rusted and one of them destroyed. In the playgrounds, the swings no longer have their seats. In front of the square of San Javier Street, the velaria that covered the solar rays is no longer there, remaining in only a skeletal structure.

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In public gyms, the devices are mostly damaged and almost all are eaten away by the sun.

Public awareness.

María Isabel says she likes the Parque Lineal a lot because she can walk peacefully with her two dogs. In general it feels like a quiet place, but somewhat neglected.

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She would like, for example, the youngster not graffiti or littering and would like authorities to attend to the issue of grass because it looks very dry and sad.

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eaching the avenue that faces the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway, there is a giant handrail that, if perceived as imposing, becomes dangerous due to the poor conditions of a network that does not prevent a direct fall of three meters into a small swamp with trash.

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