There are only 5 hotels with rooms available for Carnival in Mazatlan


Rates for one night are 3 thousand 581, and in others reaches 9 thousand 334 pesos for three nights, which is governed by supply and demand, argued José Gámez Valle.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The hotel sector reached its limit. There are only five hotels available for the reservation of rooms for these dates of the International Carnival of Mazatlan, whose prices range from 3 thousand 581 pesos per night, and in others they reach up to 6 thousand pesos, declared José Gámez Valle.

The member of Marketing of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies in Mazatlan, said that the current prices of real estate are governed by supply and demand, so tourists were in charge of making their reservations in advance to enjoy the maximum celebrations of the port.  

“There are five hotels with availability, the rest there is no availability, Estrella del Mar $ 3,581 pesos, Solamar Inn $ 3,377, Local Hotel 9,334, Hotel Esperanza 3,428, Marina Suite $ 7,314”.

Gámez Valle said that there are good expectations that the sector will remain at occupancy levels of 100 percent from Friday 1 to Monday, March 4, where the hotels currently available are located in the Dorada area, which is why rest of the reservations will be based on the maximum parties of the port.

“In the hotels that are in the beach area, obviously any event in the destination will generate first image for the destination, second occupation, by inertia nowadays that we already have more flights that we still need”.

The businessman said that for people to be aware of the rates and availability of rooms, they can check and verify on the BestDay platform, since it is the one that handles the greatest number of hotels in the destination, where some estimate that already in package They offer up to 9 thousand 334 pesos for three nights. 

Source: Linea Directa

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