Sinaloa Military Police and State Police approach citizens to learn about their security needs


SINALOA: As part of the preventive work in search of safeguarding the integrity of the population and generating bonds of trust, framed in the National Plan of Peace and Security of the Federal Government 2018-2024, agents of the 3 / a Military Police Brigade joined the State Preventive Police (PEP) in the implementation of Proximity and Social Intelligence operatives in Culiacán.

The work of rapprochement began in the Guadeloupe colony and concluded in the Revolution Park, actions that the elements carried out thanks to the knowledge that they obtained in the course of Social Proximity taught by personnel of the Gendarmerie of the Federal Police.

During these works, the citizens were interested in the activities and thanked the authorities for being at their disposal to make equipment in the prevention of crime.

In view of this, Mr. Remigio, acting as painter, stressed that it is essential that the population cooperate with the authorities to maintain security in the state.

“It seemed very good to me for the security of the city and the town as well, because everywhere we are looking we have better security and are accompanied by soldiers. Of course we feel more secure, it is the authority, we as a people have to take a liking because we have to do our bit, “he said.

On the other hand, the young Gilda expressed that she felt more secure with the presence of the authorities.

“They came to offer me the support and service to protect us here in our colony, and they are giving us a lot of support to make them safer, and nothing else will be State and Municipal Police, the military will also do”, Indian.

The undersecretary of Studies, Projects and Development, Sergio Piñeiro Camacho, explained that these trainings carried out by the Secretary of Public Security of Sinaloa in coordination with the Federal Police and its Gendarmerie Division, are to dignify the police work of the three orders of government and offer a better service to the population.

“This is allowing us to let people see that we are there with them, that they have direct contact with the citizens to promote citizen security, strengthening the bonds of trust, and also that our staff, both from the state police, now the comrades who join the Military Police have the opportunity to talk with the citizen and the citizen with them and express their concerns and needs regarding public security, “he said.

It is through these actions that the Secretariat of Public Security of Sinaloa and the Secretariat of National Defense, through the Command of the 9 / a Military Zone, endorse their commitment to guarantee the peace and security that society deserves.

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