Reports of kidnapped women are false: SSP Sinaloa


Culiacán, Sinaloa, February 21, 2019. In response to reports of alleged cases of deprivation of liberty of women in various areas of the state capital, the Undersecretary of Public Safety, Prevention and Social Reintegration, Carlos Alberto Hernandez Leyva, gave to know that so far the calls that have been registered have been attended in a timely manner by preventive and investigative elements, without being able to confirm anything so far.

According to Hernández Leyva, the security personnel who have come to attend these situations have made trips to the places in question such as the Tierra Blanca neighborhood and the surroundings of the medical school and have established an approach with the people who live there. zone, who have commented that they have not witnessed a specific case.

“Yes we have some reports that have been generated and these reports have been attended, staff of the preventive authority of the municipality of Culiacán has assisted in a coordinated manner with the Investigative Police, they have gone to these places where these reports have supposedly been generated. and nothing has been found, “he said.

Regarding the information that has circulated in social networks about supposed “levantones”, the undersecretary clarified that it is very important to verify the information to avoid creating psychosis among society.

Finally, he reiterated that the Secretariat of Public Security of Sinaloa is alert to any call for help from the citizens in order to safeguard their safety, therefore the 9-1-1 Emergency Line is available to attend any risk situation, as well as the 089 for anonymous complaints.

Source: Mazatlaninforma

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