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Sinaloans are fed up with violence, instead looking for peaceful solutions

The expert in Restorative Justice assured that reconciliation is required with those who failed society, among them narcomenudistas ” drug dealers” and assassins; by giving them an opportunity to end the circle of violence.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa, society is fed up with war and violence, and wants to look for different ways, which is why they say no to militarization, no to confrontation and yes to the search for alternatives, which in the long term road

to the peace, said Paula Parra Luz Rosales.

The expert in Restorative Justice and Geography of Peace issues was in this capital city giving a conference-workshop. In the event shared positive experiences that have been had in Mexico and in other countries, where, instead of using military force, the Government and society work in the reconstruction of the social fabric.

Parra Rosales applauded that in Sinaloa there are civil groups working in the construction of peace, and it shows that Culiacán has the largest number of people who have entered the educational platforms to train for peace, this speaks of a society that is betting on negotiation instead of conflict.

What is currently required, according to this specialist, is reconciliation and involving those who have failed society in peace building processes. This is because there has to be a process of restorative justice, especially with narcomenudistas and sicarios, because many of them entered this illegal economy in a compulsory way.

Among these people there are many women who may have transported received drugs, or were innocent, and who are being abandoned in prisons, and they will not get out of there being better people, because in prisons they will be professionalized in crime and go to continue on the same path. On the other hand, if they are given an opportunity with Restorative Justice, the cycles of violence will be broken. But to work with them you need professional training to take the community measurement.


The civil organizations are the ones that are betting very strongly on the construction of peace in Sinaloa, but it requires that more authorities be involved at all levels of government. With the pacification speeches of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we are confident that these civil programs will be further promoted.

Regarding the approval of the senators for the creation of the National Guard, with civil command, he explained that it is a sign that in Mexico the way of doing politics is changing, finally, the different parties were able to dialogue and reach agreements.

This type of consensus is very good for the whole country because it goes towards collaborative negotiation.  

For Luz Parra Rosales, in the fight against crime not only must the police participate, because they are still poorly armed and poorly prepared, and an effort must be made in conjunction with the federal agencies.

On the other hand, the speaker celebrated that there are police who are preparing themselves in community mediation and in Restorative Justice with the purpose of adding to their functions elements of peace and conciliation.

Source: El debate

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