Mazatlan Red Cross to receive more training


Medical specialists will give new training to paramedic personnel, prior to upcoming festivities in Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sin.- In the next few days, the Red Cross will begin training for personnel that is destined to work in the three strongest events of the year such as: the International Carnival, after Holy Week and Moto Week, the coordinator announced. of lifeguards in Cruz Roja Mazatlán, Jannaí Chávez Mejía.

“Next week we will start with internal training with the staff, with specific topics, according to the three largest operations that are presented here in Mazatlan, the staff will be trained.

Chávez Mejía said that they are increasingly committed to raising the level of service based on a new training plan, in addition to that already known by all Red Cross paramedics.

“This year we are going to implement a new project that we bring along with training coordination, they will support us there with medical personnel, they will look for more updates, and, more direct training”.

Previously, he said, the training is done by certified Red Cross staff, but this year, the courses will be given by a group of specialized doctors, outside the institution. It is expected that the deployment of paramedics will be of a staff of between 40 and 50 people.

Source: lineadirecta

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