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A corrupt judge is dismissed for giving amparos to ‘Los Porkys’

The federal judge in Veracruz, Anuar González Hemadi, known for taking the case of Los Porkys, was dismissed by the Council of the Judiciary.

The Council of the Federal Judiciary dismissed Judge Anuar González Hemadi for corruption and acting against inexcusable evidence and errors in the case where the minor Daphne was raped by a group of young people from Veracruz known as Los Porkys .

“As the Council of the Federal Judiciary has maintained, and its president, Minister Arturo Zaldívar, the commitment to society is zero tolerance and fighting corruption.

“Therefore, in the session of February 20, 2019, the Plenary resolved to dismiss a district judge of the state of Veracruz for corruption, acting against evidence and inexcusable errors in a pedophilia case,” said the body in charge of the vigilance and discipline of federal judges and magistrates.

In March of 2017, the CJF suspended the Third District judge in the state of Veracruz, with the purpose of initiating an administrative investigation for the protection granted to Diego Gabriel Cruz Alonso in which he ordered his release, one of the four youths named like the Porkys, who are accused of raping the minor Daphne.

Hours before the CJF Plenary will make the decision to suspend him, the judge declared himself unable to continue reviewing the defendants’ protections, including Enrique Capitaine, who also requested to overturn the formal imprisonment order issued against him.

Through an agreement published hours before his suspension and that was later removed from lists, Gonzalez Hemadi argued that he was prevented, before the social lynching he had suffered since he had put him in a vulnerable situation as a judge because they are attacking his family.

Today the CJF mentioned that the responsibility of the judges is maximum and essentially social. 

” Jurisdictional decisions should always be instruments that positively impact people and generate social change through their precedents, never be subject to particular or economic interests . That is our commitment, that is the judicial integrity for which we work in the Council of the Federal Judiciary, “the organ added.

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