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In Badiraguato Sinaloa they love ‘El Chapo’ more than Malverde

Joaquín Guzmán helped many people in the municipality with money and food.

Resultado de imagen para el chapo ayuda a su pueblo

Culiacán, Sin.- Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán helped many badiraguatenses with money and food, for that reason he is considered more than Malverde the saint of the narcos, assured Línea Directa one of the inhabitants of the mountain municipality.

He stressed that Joaquín Guzmán was a man who supported many people and that is why they are very grateful to him, but now that he is being held in the United States he helped them, they will be affected.

another of the inhabitants of the municipality confirmed that he did help people and said that he is sorry for what is happening with “El Chapo” because he is a countryman, and he does not stop being from Badiraguato.

“More than Malverde was, Malverde because he has faith and he goes and visits him, and begs him to help him in some intermediates that one feels bad and that, but he did support them, many people, if he feels sorry for what he is countryman, if I helped you here in Badiraguato Joaquín ?, yes yes some if not me, thank God, “they said.

Both agreed that some people who supported both financially and with food will be affected by his extradition to the United States.

Source: linea directa

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