Mazatlan: Constructions in Playa Gaviotas puts at risk beach certification


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The certification that Playa Gaviotas has is at risk of being lost due to the series of buildings that are currently being built along the beach, for all the plastic waste that may be spilling into the waters, said Rogelio Olivas Osuna. .

After the complaint made by a group of condominium owners, that a neighboring building under construction has been polluting the sea, the director of the Operadora and Administradora de Playas de Mazatlan commented that they will begin with a supervision and analysis of the state in which the Beach hand in hand with Profepa.

“They are tiny balls of unicel that yes would affect us now in the surveillance of the certification, in fact in this year we have the surveillance we are about to program it, most likely it is happening Holy Week”.

Although he said that on the issue of construction and the alleged land reclaimed from the sea, it will have to be other instances that define whether or not they are not complying with the guidelines, worrying that the beach is in a state of contamination, that it will come up in the next visit of the standards committee passing Holy Week.

Olivas Osuna said that owners who exceed the boundaries between their properties and the beach, will be in trouble with the delimitation of the maritime federal maritime land area and would enter the standard of land reclaimed from the sea and therefore would become property owned by the nation.

“There are many constructions that are currently on land reclaimed from the sea but they are not new constructions, they are old constructions, that is what protects them and many of them were protected by this situation, because all that land reclaimed from the sea after a certain time becomes the property of the nation. “

The municipal official pointed out in the case of new constructions within the beaches, the federation could grant concessions, that after a time could withdraw, which historically has not happened.

Olivas Osuna added that they are waiting to begin this delimitation, for which there is a budget of 3 million pesos authorized by the Sofemat committee.

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