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Puebla: Taquería del Metro #taco tuesday

Welcome to #MartesDeTacos, our collection of rich chilangos taquitos of all kinds: from the greasy sabrosones of street to the nice restaurant that make us suck our fingers. This week: Don Pastor Zavaleta, the taquería of the Metro (inspired by the wagons of our collective transport in Mexico City).

Two with everything, in the “wagon” of the Metro

The Taqueria del Metro is actually part of a taqueria franchise in the city of Puebla whose decorations are inspired by Chilangos emblems, such as the Metro.

Founded in 2005, Don Pastor is distinguished by its branches (10), ingeniously built to emulate the streets and chilangos street food stalls. You find colorful buckets, chairs and tables (like those of street stalls), a replica of a minibus (in your Golden branch) and a replica of the Metro (in your Zavaleta branch).

The most striking thing about the taqueria del Metro is the giant and sensual spinning shepherd that distinguishes streets away. But although it emulates a street stall, the place does have waiters service, a take-away service and a children’s playroom, with video games and foosball. It is a taco oasis for the hungriest.

What to eat in the taqueria del Metro

Don Pastor’s tacos are cut and guaranteed, it has a great flavor. The menu is plentiful and the tacos are colossal. In addition, there are different sauces to accompany each taco. The variety ranges from tacos al pastor (obvious), Arabic, roast beef, taquesos (tacos with Oaxaca cheese crust), wire, grilled, cemite, melted cheese and even pizzas with taquitos meat.1 of 4  

Photo: Leonardo Pérez
Photo: Leonardo Pérez
Photo: Leonardo Pérez
Photo: Leonardo Pérez

Puebla is the ideal city for an express trip Its proximity to the CDMX makes it an unmissable destination if you want to rest, eat delicious and know unique places. Its churches, its markets, its fine diningrestaurants (like Moyuelo or El Mural de los Poblanos) and this taquería of the Metro are enough attractions to launch a weekend.

Taquería del Metro (Don Pastor Zavaleta)

Where : Calzada Zavaleta 2527, Zavaleta, Puebla 
When : Sunday to Thursday from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm; Friday and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am 
Cost : $ 100- $ 150

Source: Chilango

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