Mexican hidromielera Freya Brewing Co. He started the year winning three medals with his mead, a fermented drink based on honey.

Freya won two silver and one bronze medals with her styles online during the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup competition which took place in Costa Rica.

This Mexican project competed with independent breweries in countries such as Argentina, Panama, Chile, United States, Ecuador, among others.

The two styles of mead that earned a silver medal were Eir, a mead made with rosemary, and Mielikki, an experimental mead containing hops.

Freya won a bronze medal with Rhaediel, made with jamaica flower.  

“They are not new styles. They are styles that we have already done, for example, rosemary mead won gold at Mexico Beer and bronze at America’s Beer Cup in Chile, both in 2018, “says Raúl de la Garza, brew head  of Freya, a project in Monterrey, New Lion.

San José, Costa Rica was the host city of the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup , where national and international judges certified by the BJCP and Cicerone program, as well as professional brewers, formed the different tasting panels to determine the winning beers.

These international craft brewers judged more than 600 samples from 150 breweries in 20 countries,including Mexico with Freya Brewing Co. and Casa Crucero Brewery.

Mexican mead for the world

Obtaining these medals at the beginning of the year was an unexpected result for those who are part of this hydrometer located in Monterrey .

“I expected it to be a very competitive issue because there are many hydromellers in Central and South America. I honestly did not think we would win anything but it was a nice surprise and as I say, it gave us extra energy to pull in this month. “Raúl de la Garza

Manuel Ernesto Castelán, a hydromeller at Freya Brewing, told Animal Gourmet that obtaining these awards outside the country is the result of “all the work we have been doing and knowing that we are doing things right”.

Castelán is also in charge of the production of mead, of the times in the production to make sure of how the hydromels and each fermenter go, besides making the must and bottling together with Raúl ..

How to get started in the world of mead?

To start tasting Mexican mead, Raúl advises attending events where they distribute this drink.

In them, Raúl and his team explain how each style is elaborated, since “it is important to educate people, give them to taste the product, explain what it is and how it is done; be receptive with them because in the end they want to know what they are taking. “

“Winning the medals helps convince people who are still afraid to try mead, but if the product bears a medal it can convince the customer that the product is good,” says De la Garza.

By Verónica Santamaría

Source: animalgourmet

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