Mazatlan: Authorities are looking for a gang of thieves who operate using motorcycles and cars in there crimes


MAZATLÁN.- Given the existence of a gang of young people who move on three motorcycles and two cars, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat called on citizens to denounce the robberies and assaults they suffer.

The operational commander of the Municipal Police, Heriberto Martínez López, reported that it is affecting a lot the self-service stores, which register two to three robberies a day.
He said that it has been detected through surveillance cameras that there are about four or five individuals that are making these robberies.

He added that one of them has already been detected and is already registered with the authorities and that the same self-service stores have already filed the complaints and there are already arrest warrants for these people.

However, the operational commander said that they have already seized some young people who change their name, which has made it difficult for them to be held.
“We already detected that a bandit is operating, from a colony where they live, they use three bikes and two vehicles, we have already identified them, so we are paying special attention in that area”.

Commander Martinez Lopez said that this band tends to operate from the downtown area to the north of the city, so a special operation will be put in place to find them.
They are already located and identified, so hes confided that it is a matter of days to apprehend them.

He called the citizens to denounce, they would remain anonymous, which would help a lot to find alleged criminals.


The Mazatlan Post