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COPARMEX warns that tourism budget resources should not all be concentrated on the Maya Train

There is still no strategy or agency for tourism promotion that will accompany the demise of the CPTM, he warned.

The employer sector of the country described as “suicidal act” that the federal government bet all resources to the Mayan Train and “nothing to the integral tourist development”, which is a wrong position.

Gustavo de Hoyos, president of the Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), said that the decisions taken by the federal government in its first two months of management, as regards the tourism sector, including the cancellation of the new international airport , they are already deteriorating the image and the potential of the country as a growing tourist destination.

“At Coparmex we reject the weakening or elimination of the key organisms for the development of the tourism sector. If excesses were found that are corrected. If there was corruption that is prosecuted and sanctioned. But that does not attack against an industry of great contribution and greater potential for Mexico “, demanded the employer.

Through his weekly message La Señal Coparmex, De Hoyos stressed that tourism is an industry that generates almost one in 10 formal jobs in our country and that contributes a spill for 21,000 million dollars annually.

However, “is being victim of the lack of long-term vision by the authorities”, since the programs that have been announced by the government of Andrés Manuel López for the tourism sector are abandoning the integral development of the industry tour. He explained that they are concentrating on a few projects such as the Mayan Train, with no more criteria for prioritization than the presidential decision, and that in many cases they lack studies of economic, environmental, and even the support of local communities.

He mentioned that Fonatur has been responsible for the planning and development of comprehensive and sustainable tourism projects and has been responsible for the construction and maintenance of much of the basic infrastructure in the municipalities that have established themselves as international tourist centers. Such is the case of Cancun and Los Cabos.

However, now it is intended that the Fonatur concentrate its work on the development of the Mayan Train, abandoning its vocation as an institution of planning and development of tourist and urban infrastructure, and becoming only the coordinator of a railway project.

It was also suggested that Bancomext be part of Nacional Financiera, which has functioned as an institution with a broader and essentially industrial mandate, which will hardly be able to concentrate on the consolidation of Mexican tourism companies. The Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM) has articulated the private and public efforts that seek to promote the country’s tourism offer. His work has positioned the nations destinations, in means and spaces of global reach, with contents directed to the retail and wholesale market of all profiles and levels.

“The announced liquidation of the CPTM has not yet been accompanied by a new strategy or organization for the tourist promotion of Mexico. This suggests that tourism has ceased to be a priority, “concluded Coparmex.

Source: El Economista

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