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Reports of a Canadian murdered in San Antonio Tlayacapan “Lake Chapala”

Canadian Global Affairs confirms death of Canadian citizen in Mexico.

Global Affairs Canada said on Saturday that it is aware of the death of a Canadian citizen in Mexico and is providing consular services to the family.

Due to provisions under the Privacy Act., Global Affairs said they wouldn’t comment further.

The City Council of Chapala has not provided information about it.

Through social networks, foreigners have reported the murder of a person of Canadian origin.

According to what was published (the authorities have not provided information about it), the incident took place on Friday, February 1 at noon, according to the victim’s neighbors, the Canadian was walking through a gap that leads to Allen W Lloyd Street, when a Subject intercepted him and attempted against his life with a firearm.

The first reports indicate that the Canadian was a senior citizen and that he was walking through a breach on the side of the “El Dorado” subdivision located on the Ajijic highway, but one person intercepted him, shooting him in the chest to finish him off. the ground with another shot but now in the head.

For its part, the City of Chapala has kept silence, Semanario Laguna sought more information in the Directorate of Social Communication, but no precise information was given regarding the case.

Unofficial sources informed Laguna of the City Council’s intention to hold a press conference or present a statement on the matter, although the date for this is unknown.

On the part of the Government of the State, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office has not given details of the incident either.

UPDATE: Friday 4th, 2019 Municipal authorities confirmed the murder.

The Canadian man of  approximately 78 years of age was assaulted with a firearm at around 12:20 am on Allen W. Lloyd Street, losing his life there.

On the motive of the aggression, no information has been revealed and the State Prosecution has kept information private pending investigation.

For its part, the Municipal Government of Chapala reported that they have had contact with consular authorities in Canada to collaborate on this fact and condemned this violent act.

Source: lavozdelaribera, semanariolaguna

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