Mexico Federal Government will no longer invest in Formula One in order to build the Mayan Train


he funding will be forwarded to the construction of the Maya Train project.

Mexico City Mayor said that for this year the F1 edition is assured

Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the Government of Mexico City, announced that starting next year no public resources will be allocated for the realization of Formula One in Mexico.

The foregoing, because this funding will be remitted to the construction of the Mayan Train project, newspaper El Financiero reported .

“By 2020, the federal government has no longer contemplated this resource because it is allocating most of the fund to the realization of the Mayan tourist train or the Mayan train,” Sheinbaum said at a conference.

For the realization of this formula one event, the federal administration allocated 400 million pesos each year, but with this decision to invest in the Mayan Train future F1 events in Mexico could be at risk.

The Mx City Mayor said that for this year the edition is assured. “Formula One of 2019 is going to be carried out because since the previous year the last administrations paid this amount,” she said.

Although Sheinbaum considered the car event to be “onerous”, she said that they are working with Ocesa, a Formula One dealer, to find alternative financing mechanisms for future F1 races.

“We have sat down with Ocesa who are the ones who have the concession of this F1 event to see if the amount can be lowered or if there are some other alternatives,” she said.

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