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AVO Oro Verde wants you to invest in avocado safely

Half of the avocados consumed in the world are produced in Mexico and AVO Oro Verde wants anyone to invest in a product that can grow a lot in Asia.  

Exports of avocado to Asia increased 72% in the 2017-2018 season that ended, according to the Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico (APEAM).

AVO Oro Verde is a 100% Mexican company, with operations in Switzerland, that knows the potential of the region in Asia and seeks to democratize the avocado market through viable investments for anyone in the country and the world.

“Half of the avocados consumed in the world are produced in Mexico. That gives Mexico a monopoly on avocado production as it is one of the few countries where it can be produced all year round, “said Escobar.

At the moment AVO Oro Verde is raising capital and what it is looking for is six million dollars to buy the vegetable gardens. So far, it has raised $ 1 million and if it reaches the goal, it will seek to raise up to $ 20 million by the end of the year.

The next step is to create a prospect for anyone to buy their shares.

“As of February, the minimum investment will be $ 400 and will be for anyone. The dividends that could be paid range between 7 and 10% from July, “said the CEO.

The investments will be regulated under international standards in Europe and in the following six months the company will be listed over the counter, which will give a liquidity to the investment and help investors to get out of the investment without problems.

The producers

Three avocado producers in the State of Mexico, Michoacán and Guadalajara are part of the AVO Oro Verde project, all three belong to the APEAM.

And depending on how they want to work with the company, if they want to sell their gardens as investors seek to have real assets or if they decide to work their land they would have a profit margin of 12.4%.

“We offer them liquids and we also allow them to continue earning from those gardens that they have already sold and that they know better than any other person,” Escobar said.

In the orchards where the avocado would be produced, the goal is to use 70% of rainwater and avoid planting in places that are not suitable.

“In our DNA is the mission to make things as sustainable as possible,” said Javier Escobar.

Source: Forbes

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