Mexico: Sinaloa and Durango present new cryptocurrency based on Silver


Mining businessmen presented on Thursday the Real Silver Coin project as the only electronic currency supported by real silver from the Durango and Sinaloa mines.

Local mining entrepreneur Rosa Isela de la Rocha Nevárez, president of the Sion Gold company, led the presentation of this new virtual asset to the media.

“We are presenting the first cryptocurrency based on projects of small miners and gambusinos from the states of Durango and Sinaloa. This is the only electronic currency in the world that has the characteristic of being supported by a precious metal, because usually they are not based on anything, rather than on the market and on the technology that supports them, “he explained.

The cryptocurrency will use the blockchain technology, which guaranteed as “unbreakable”, immutable and works through the certification of each movement among more than 100 computers distributed in the world, so that its stability is guaranteed and no transaction can be validated until that is not properly checked by the entire system.

“It is a safe saving, it is something that is always going up and we believe that in a few years the physical money will no longer exist, but only cryptocurrency will be used,” he said.

On February 11 they will present the first two million tokens, but it is expected that by June, that all the technological tests and legal requirements worldwide will be filled, will be able to start circulating freely around the world.

Source: El Sol de Durango

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